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Referee Stuff!

It’s about time the referees got a little love! Calling all zeebras, we thought you might enjoy these lovely ref clotes, accessories and gifts. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the roller derby ref in your life, check it out lads and ladies!

Roller Derby Socks Giveaway

Not going to RollerCon? You’re in luck! We have just the cure for roller-NON. Take a look at some of our BRAND NEW sock collection, officially launching at RollerCon 2014 (some of which are posted online already)! When you know which ones you like the best, ENTER TO WIN two pairs, along with a bonus […]

Enter to Win! Ref Week Swag & More!

Ref Week Swag Giveaway! Hey Roller Derby guys and gals! If you’ve been to our site, then you know that we LOVE to give stuff away! What is “Ref Week” you ask? Well, we’re pretty sure it doesn’t exist yet, so we thought we’d spend the next week giving up some much-needed love to our […]

Win our new Magical Roller Derby stickers!

Does roller derby make you magical? We know the feeling. Now you have a chance to put that magic to use, and try to win 10 of our BRAND NEW “Roller Derby Makes Me Magical” unicorn stickers. These are hot off the presses, and flying off the shelves – but we’re saving 10 of them […]

The Roller Derby Bake Sale Blog

Long awaited! It’s the roller derby bake sale blog! I’m going to guide you through every step to making my grandmother’s mouth-watering sugar cookies. In the interest of brutal honesty 1) These are the highlight of every party 2) They are a huge pain in the ass to make. For you, fellow baking rollergirls, I’m […]

Time to enter! BEAT my VALENTINE Giveaway!

If you are looking for the perfect love song and a box of chocolates, kick rocks! If you’re after something a little more unique this valentines day, it’s probably because you’ve got a derby wife – or you want one 😉 We are giving away a pair of customized derby wife water bottles (one for […]

$50 in Derby Prizes, 8 Days, 6 Ways to enter!

Do you play derby? Referee? NSO? Announce? Maybe you’re just a derby fan or fashion enthusiast (who isn’t?) We scaled the walls of our Facebook page, and selected the items our fans love the most for this giveaway. There are several ways to enter! If you want $50 of your favorites showing up on your […]

Our clearance section just EXPLODED.

This is the biggest clearance sale we’ve ever had! We’re making room for new, exciting inventory so we need your help to scoop up some deals on things that we want to clear out. We have over 100 items in the clearance section, many of them are recently added. There are discounted stickers for as […]