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Helloooo Knee Socks!

Okay, it’s no secret that we’re HUGE fans of knee socks. It’s sort of a love affair. We even wear them when completely unnecessary (like under knee high boots, when working out, and even to bed.) Side note: If you play roller derby, you may already know this – but there is a fantastic little […]

The Roller Derby Bake Sale Blog

Long awaited! It’s the roller derby bake sale blog! I’m going to guide you through every step to making my grandmother’s mouth-watering sugar cookies. In the interest of brutal honesty 1) These are the highlight of every party 2) They are a huge pain in the ass to make. For you, fellow baking rollergirls, I’m […]

Fall Picks – Sexy Thigh High Socks

When the winter winds pick up, there’s nothing better than pulling up a pair of… Thigh high knit socks. Did you know that wearing a sock layer of some sort under your pads helps immensely with pad stink? If you don’t wear gaskets or some other form of high sock that covers your knees, the […]