5 Simple rules for your roller derby costume

Roller derby costume outfit clothes clothingFor the record, we are real derby girls – but that being said, we realize how cool it is to dress like a derby girl, even if you aren’t one. As far as we’re concerned, you don’t have to BE a derby girl to pull it off. Everyone is entitled to have just as much fun as we have with our outfits! Just follow these 5 simple rules and you will have a convincing Halloween costume or party costume in no-time!

1) Sell it with Skates

If you can skate, and you are somewhere carpeted (even better!) give it a go! Just remember not to drink on skates. We’re all for Halloween drinking shenanigans, but remember to take the skates off when you start chugging the booze. Otherwise you could end up with some serious bumps and bruises.

2) Bring the Attitude

Okay it’s more about confidence than attitude, but your clothes will do most of the talking. Be rough, don’t be afraid to arm wrestle a couple of people, throw a couple hip-checks, or make some out-of-character demands. Being a derby girl is all about knowing what you want, and making it happen!

Roller Derby makeup hair boutfit outfit costume3) Sparkling strands

A little hair color couldn’t hurt! If your going for the wild and crazy look, don’t stress! A couple of clip in extensions can tie it all together. Not all roller derby costumes have to don a dose of color, but matching the colors in your outfit to the hues in your hair will have you singing siren in no time.

4) Bout day Makeup

Ready for a power jam? Think sugar skulls, evil clown smiles, fishnet pattern on the face… if you are artistic yourself, go crazy! Not so much? Find a friend that can help. With several tutorials online, you are sure to find something you like that can be done. Just remember to start early! Bout day makeup can be extremely challenging. If this isn’t your forte, I recommend looking for a beauty school student in your area that might be willing to test out their skills on your derby costume.

Roller Derby Costume Outfit Helmet5) Gear up!

Since you’re probably not skating in a bout, it’s unlikely that you will need all of the paraphernalia associated with full contact sports – but if your curious, we wear knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmets, and mouth guards at a bare minimum. Just some wrist guards might get the point across well – or a helmet carried along with you. You can often pickup cheap helmets at the thrift store and sticker them up with everything you can find. www.stitchedupstickers.com

If you are interested in roller derby, you should check out some local games and maybe even try out! I promise, the real thing is even more fun!

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