6 Dress Derby Must-Have’s for Nailing the Old New School Look

It’s back to school time all around the world… which reminds us of the schools of derby. On one side of the rink we have old school derby, sucking on a lollipop and sticking out her tongue. She’s donning fish nets, thigh highs, and attitude overflowing. But hey now, on the other side of the rink, new school has some decidedly snappy flavor. She brings Moxi skates, mermaid booty shorts and Derby Laces. For our first mood board we present Old New School. The perfect blend of sass and trouble, all available on Amazon Prime.

Here are the products, see WHY we love them below. You can get all of these products on Amazon Prime.




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Roller Derby Pile of Skulls Shirt by Dress Derby
A custom illustrated roller derby shirt by your very own Dress Derby crew, Casey Maloney and it comes in five colors. Plus it just screams old school derby to us.

Spark Performance Metallic Laces
One of new-school derby’s best inventions, these amazing slightly waxy laces are glittery and glitzy, and perfect for keeping your skate laces from slipping.

Rainbow Stripe White Knee High Socks
A Dress Derby staple, these bright, bold, sexy and fun thigh-highs remind us of 2010 in a really good way.

Mermaid Booty Shorts
Holy glitter-butt Batman, have you ever seen anything more adorable? Talk about shiney hiney! These make an absolute splash.

Waterfly Fanny Pack
Tuck your car keys and your money into this street-worthy fanny pack, if you’re tired of shoving those items in your bra, plus your phone will fit, which we can’t necessarily say for your overflowing bra cups.

Moxi Blue Sky Beach Bunny Skates
One of new-school’s favorite Chicks In Bowls accessories, Moxi skates are cool, they’re hip and they are just about the coolest looking street or park skates we’ve seen. We’re still on the fence about the high ankle for derby on the track, but that’s just because we learned in speed boots.