Enter to Win! Ref Week Swag & More!

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Ref Week Swag Giveaway!

Hey Roller Derby guys and gals! If you’ve been to our site, then you know that we LOVE to give stuff away! What is “Ref Week” you ask? Well, we’re pretty sure it doesn’t exist yet, so we thought we’d spend the next week giving up some much-needed love to our stripey friends. Refs and NSO’s keep us safe, they keep the game fair, and we certainly couldn’t play without them. On top of that, they get ZERO in the fan-popularity department – and pretty much nill recognition.

We hope that YOU appreciate your refs, and to help you show it, we’re giving away a sweet stash of swag! Half for you, and half for your favorite ref. This little care pack includes buttons, stickers, and our especially popular roller derby string dolls. Enough to light up anyone’s face with derby delight.

Here are some of the items included:

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