Gifts with attitude – $4.99 or less!

We bring you… Gifts with attitude, for the discerning Roller Girl. While we were checking some items off the list today, we noticed that several of our items are particularly chock full of classic roller derby attitude. At that moment, we decided to make a tag selection of sassy derby stuff that might give you and your friends a little chuckle. We thoroughly enjoy thumbing through them, and don’t care if you do or not! (HAHAHA)

roller derby gifts with attitude

1.) Bee-otch rainbow sticker $2.99
2.) Mini Eat Me Cupcake $1.49
3.) Mini Bony Flip Off $1.49
4.) Eff You Laces $4.99
5.) How’s my skating? $.99
6.) Call the Wambulance $.99

There are lots more, we’re just too lazy to list them for you! But you can check them out by looking at the attitude product tag.

Thanks for reading!

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