Sweet But Deadly – Roller Derby Halloween Costume for Any Body Type

With Halloween Derby Costumes in mind, we’ve picked some inexpensive but amazing picks that will look good on any figure. Because 1) We already know you’re sweet as a cupcake and 2) We’re confident you can booty block someone clear to the penalty box, even if you’re never tried. Scroll down to grab these items on Amazon Prime, and see why we’ve picked them. This is your last minute Halloween costume you can get QUICK.

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Skull Socks – Just the right amount of bright and punk, these cute knee highs are also the perfect PRICE for your costume.

Roller Derby Skates – A real skater might be appalled at the lack of quality and integrity of these skates. But hey, if you’re doing a one-night-derby-girl costume, we say get some skates on the cheap!

Hair Color Extensions – Want a fun splash of attitude but no time or money to color your hair? Grab some of these multi-colored extensions and snap them in. Your hair will be popping in NO TIME.

Pink Polka Dot Swing Skirt – This skirt is the perfect length and fit to look good on ANY body type. And it’s cute as a button.

Heart Glasses – If you wear your sunglasses at night because you’re adorable, you might as well make them heart shaped and pink. Plus, since they aren’t super tinted they might stop you from tripping on your laces.

If you love this SWEET roller derby costume pack as much as we do you can shop these on our Amazon idea board and for the love of derby, have FUN with it!