Helloooo Knee Socks!

thigh high and knee high socks for roller derbyOkay, it’s no secret that we’re HUGE fans of knee socks. It’s sort of a love affair. We even wear them when completely unnecessary (like under knee high boots, when working out, and even to bed.)

Side note: If you play roller derby, you may already know this – but there is a fantastic little secret about knee socks that you’ve worn one (okay 10) too many times. If you’re new to derby, we’re stoked to let you in on this one. You can use holey knee high socks as sweat soakers! Cut the top 6″ of the sock off, and cut a thumb hole. Then chop the heel of the sock off in a lovely elbow shape (for your elbow of course) and voila! You’ve got 4 sweat soakers. Benefits: you can just pop these bad boys in the washing machine when you get home and you don’t have to wash your derby pads nearly as often!

So! Back to knee socks. Striped, polka dots, stars… we’ve hardly ever met a knee sock we didn’t like. There is one little thing that does get our goat though. When the top of those bands don’t stretch quite enough and they leave impressions on your calves. They’re okay for a while, but they start to rub you the wrong way after a bit. So we make an effort to test all of the brands of knee socks we bring in and make sure they’re comfee for most sizes.

Here are some of our favorite knee socks! Find your new favorites by searching above or check out what we have in stock right now.

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