Not an Amazon Prime Member Yet? Let us Help.

If you’re one of those hold outs who just refuses to get on board with the convenience of our decade, we have something that might delight you. You see, we’ve moved all of our shirt designs over to Amazon for production and we’re trying to make sure they are super accessible for everyone.

Why on earth did we do this? I mean, sure we make less money – but if you haven’t noticed we’ve all but clearanced everything on our site and we’re pretty much done here – aside from, of course, making recommendations on really cool stuff we find. Also, after hearing that 62% of American households have Amazon Prime subscriptions, we wanted a way to keep offering those designs that people know and love.

SO, if you still just aren’t on the bandwagon, here’s a free 30 day trial, thank us when you dog pet food shows up on time (and swoop up a shirt or two with free shipping while you’re at it!)

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