Our Story is Changing

Let’s take it way back to 2008 for a minute, shall we? RollerCon was new, shoulder checks were all the rage, and fishnets and leg warmers were flying off the shelves like bank bailouts. We boothed RollerCon, we opened a sticker company, we conquered long nights skating, and days slinging tights and socks. They were simpler times, and all for the love of derby.

Fast forward to the last few years. We’ve retired from derby (some of us multiple surgeries later) and have been struggling to fight for ground in an e-commerce world lined with mega-websites and soul-less competition. We have always fought to keep alive the gritty, unusual, punk personality that made us fall in love with derby – but part of that fight ends today.

We are immediately liquidating the vast majority of our inventory at dressderby.com there are some hella good deals going on here, on stuff we picked out somewhere along our journey, so check it out before it’s gone. Ready to shop the clearance?

What about stitchedupstickers.com? We’re nuts, but we love making your stickers. Seeing the creativity and personality in your orders makes us smile, so we’re all in. Keep feeding us pics, it keeps the machine cutting.

So hey derby girl, weekend ref, stats geek, derby widow – whatever your role is or was, today we celebrate the passion this crazy sport ignites in us. It fuels us, it feeds us, it defines a part of us and bleeds into our lives in more ways than we’ll ever know. Here’s to life’s passions, and where they take us next.

With Derby Love,
Vixen #594
Dress Derby, Stitched Up Stickers
Retired LA Derby Doll, Retired VC Derby Darlin’