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Our Story is Changing

Let’s take it way back to 2008 for a minute, shall we? RollerCon was new, shoulder checks were all the rage, and fishnets and leg warmers were flying off the shelves like bank bailouts. We boothed RollerCon, we opened a sticker company, we conquered long nights skating, and days slinging tights and socks. They were simpler times, […]

Going-away Giveaway

We’re throwing ourselves a going-away giveaway. And you’re invited to join in the fun. Just fill out the form below and you’ll be entered to win the prize pack! Wondering where we’re going? We blogged about it. Have we mentioned all of the insane clearance deals we have going on? Check em out before you go! […]

Introducing our Zazzle Store

Hey roller derby guys and gals! Guess what?! We’re teaming up with Zazzle to bring you roller derby gifts and swag with custom designs we have NEVER been able to bring you before. We are so excited! This is an early roll-out of a few products while we test the platform but we really like what we […]

Holiday derby giveaway

Win a holiday roller derby bundle! It’s time! That’s right, we’re back with another giveaway! Enter to swoop up this whole pack of derby goodies. Keep all of the swanky loot for yourself or be super nice and share with your derby family. Okay… at least share the wifey bottles!? Already entered? See our big […]