New Tank Top & More – Roller Derby Makes Me Magical!

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Fall Picks – Sexy Thigh High Socks

When the winter winds pick up, there’s nothing better than pulling up a pair of… Thigh high knit socks. Did you know that wearing a sock layer of some sort under your pads helps immensely with pad stink? If you don’t wear gaskets or some other form of high sock that covers your knees, the […]

RollerCon Hangover Contest – almost over!

Enter here! RollerCon Hangover? …Didn’t get to go at all? That sucks! Well we have the cure that will make it all better. Some cool derby swag! Who wouldn’t feel better about a couple brand new patches on their gear pack, or some sweet new laces on their skates. If that’s not awesome enough, you […]