Fall Picks – Sexy Thigh High Socks

Roller derby thigh high with tutuWhen the winter winds pick up, there’s nothing better than pulling up a pair of…

Thigh high knit socks.

Did you know that wearing a sock layer of some sort under your pads helps immensely with pad stink? If you don’t wear gaskets or some other form of high sock that covers your knees, the sweat that your knee pads absorb will cause them to nastify much quicker. When you wear socks or gaskets, they can easily be thrown in the wash after every practice – keeping your gear and gear bag clean of dangerous bacteria (and all around smelliness).

Here are some of our favorite fall picks for thigh-highs this derby season. These tall, sexy threads will keep you clean and warm without overheating like thicker leggings can.

Over the knee options – just enough height.

All “Over the knee” socks shown below come up at least over MY knees (and I’m 5’10, with decently large-ish calf muscles). The Sourpuss socks in particular are GREAT for girls with larger calf muscles like me – they stretch wonderfully. They also look super sexy on smaller girls, who can pull them up to mid-thigh

thigh high socks with bootsGreat with boots!

Thigh highs wouldn’t even be worth mentioning if it wasn’t for their amazing ability to blend in off the track as well! Take for instance, the use of thigh highs with tall boots! They can also keep your legs warm under a cute skirt or darling dress. It’s a great way to add an extra layer of color and attitude to your outfit without breaking the bank. A worthwhile purchase for any derby player.