Where the Wild Things Are – 5 Roller Derby Costume Accessories & Leopard Moxi Skates RAAAAWR

Who needs a spirit animal when you ARE an animal? Whether you’re looking for your next boutfit because you actually play derby, or you’re just looking for an awesome animal inspired roller derby Halloween costume, we’ve got six must-haves that will have you howling at the moon. Scroll down to grab these items on Amazon Prime, and see why we’ve picked them.

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Roller derby halloween costume 2019


Animal Print Leg Warmers – Who wouldn’t love furry, furry beasty legwarmers? They’re sexy and soft, and bonus… if you wear shin guards underneath nobody has to know!

Skaters Gonna Skate Tee – Our original creation, who wouldn’t love this vintage derby inspired tee. It says… “I love skating” and also “Care, don’t care” at the same time.

Moxi Leopard Print Skates – Moxi has got some killer designs and textures going in 2019, we’re in love with lots of them. Spoiler: expect to see more in our roller derby costume boards.

Purple Booty Shorts – For just $9.99 you can feel free to baseball slide, ruin these, and just get another pair later. Plus, your cheeks will look amazing in them.

Glitter Fanny Pack – Gotta have somewhere to stash the goods when you’re out on your next street skate. Why not do it in glittery fashion? Plus, a rainbow zipper? This is a first for us, and it’s amazeballs.

Furry Headband Ears – No worries on that helmet hair, just toss it into a messy bun, throw on these furry ears and you’ll be partying the night away in no time.

If you love this WILD roller derby costume pack as much as we do you can shop these on our Amazon idea board and remember to HAVE FUN!