Wonderful derby things!

Hi there derby land! We’re back from RollerCon… ::phew::

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Wondering how RollerCon was? It was amazing! (duh!) It’s always such a great opportunity to watch tons of talented skaters, and see everyone get the opportunity to learn to play better roller derby. This year’s favorites were Vagine Regime vs. the Caulk Suckers (can’t wait to see the Vagine documentary!) The Sin City Skates vs. Wicked Skatewear bout, and the low key MRDA bout on Sunday! (Okay, those might have been the only bouts we actually got to catch a small glimpse of because we were working the sticker booth) BUT, we still had tons of fun just being adjacent to some of the most fun on 8 wheels – and hearing the crowd go freaking nuts.

To do next year:


<3 Vixen